Ya better give it up
you better put it down
or it will kill you
all this anger
Ya better give it up
better put it away
put it down
quit it
leave it alone
you better know
or you better learn
that the world still turns
with or without you
the sun still burns
and this is your turn
so you better breathe
slow and deep
you better enjoy
your own company
yeah you better breathe
you better relax
cos most of the attacks
are only happening
in your own mind
so you better find the time
to know your mind
to seek and to find
and to be kind to yourself
and you better help
for the sake of helping
you better dig and keep delving into life
and you better cry when your old dog dies
cos it cuts like a knife
for a while but then you better smile
you better laugh you better be tough
or even better be gentle
you can be grateful you can be thankful
you can be thoughtful mindful joyful playful
you can be strong and you can sing along
with your own song for as long as you can
and you can lend a hand
its good to have a plan
its great to know how and when to change
its ok to be strange
its good to have a dream
and its good to see
the lightening and listen for the thunder
but its best to invest in wonder


from True Stories & Old Time Movies, track released June 2, 2014
Words and music sheish money



all rights reserved


Sheish Money Brisbane, Australia

Sheish writes songs and sings them along with guitar and harmonica. He has released 2 CDs of songs [Good use of Gestures 2008] [Would Should Could 2009]. A DVD of Poetry and images [Reception 2007] and a book of poetic rock tales [Another Rock Pig.

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