Dinosaur bones dinosaur bones
from back when the dinosaurs roamed
dinosaur bones dinosaur bones
from a long time ago
now all that’s left is bones

The sun was painted on the sky
the world was still spinning down to die
I was still happy to be alive
and still out on the road still traveling
The phallic city skyline falls behind
fades away as I head for the hills
that’s the place I get my fill
of air and space and mothers milk
the place I go to rest my bones

I see a man standing on a distant hill
in my mind I say his name is Bill
he cut his kids out of his will
and he’s always on the phone
always on the phone
on the day his children fell from grace
he wondered what he would do with all that space but it turned out ok
he just filled it up with bones
dinosaur bones dinosaur bones
and everybody loves dinosaur bones

you know I once had a bright idea
that I could see things really clear
if I just got up really near
turned out to be nonsense
like a lot of my bright ideas
totally nonsense

do you remember
all that time ago for sure
you were always playing
with those dinosaurs
you were always down by the creek swimming
or swinging from the trees
or just lying around on the lawn
with them dinosaur
that was a long time before
being a dinosaur was against the law
that’s why you don’t see them any more
because being a dinosaur is against the law
that’s why all that is left is bones
dinosaur bones dinosaur bones
and everybody loves dinosaur bones


from True Stories & Old Time Movies, track released June 18, 2014
Written and performed By Sheish Money Recorded by Jef Lovejoy



all rights reserved


Sheish Money Brisbane, Australia

Sheish writes songs and sings them along with guitar and harmonica. He has released 2 CDs of songs [Good use of Gestures 2008] [Would Should Could 2009]. A DVD of Poetry and images [Reception 2007] and a book of poetic rock tales [Another Rock Pig.

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